Sun-To-X 3rd consortium meeting

Sun-To-X 3rd consortium meeting

On 30 and 31 March 2022 Sun-To-X held its third consortium meeting to discuss progress made since the last meeting back in September 2021.  The meeting took place online due to the sanitary situation.

Hannah Johnson, project coordinator, kicked off the meeting with an overview of the project and said that Sun-To-X was progressing according to plan. She announced the completion of three milestones and the submission of two deliverables since the last meeting. She also informed partners that there were two patents to be filed and three publications in the pipeline.  Hannah also stressed the fact that the feedback on the project received at the first Advisory Board Meeting was overall very positive.

Project partners then presented progress under their work packages. Some of the activities mentioned were:

  • the development of optically transparent electrically conducting and porous scaffolds and the exploration of several different materials to fabricate these scaffolds (WP1)
  • the choice of the semiconducting material best suited for the deposition on the scaffolds (WP2)
  • the efforts to increase water adsorption capacity of photoelectrochemical cells and  the development of a multiphysics model for simulating operation of the PEC device (WP3)
  • the selection and validation of the best processing pathway for the charging of HydroSil (WP4)
  • the definition of the scope and functional specifications of the demonstrator

For more information on the technical work packages, read the first project newsletter.

WP6, dedicated to developing a strategy for market uptake of the Sun-To-X technology, presented the activities planned for the upcoming months. This work package will be performing a life cycle assessment, analysing social factors that could influence market uptake, and defining an exploitation strategy for the whole consortium.

The next Sun-To-X consortium meeting is expected to take place on 7 & 8 September 2022 and will be held physically if the sanitary situation allows it.

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