Sun-To-X at the Mission Innovation IC Event

Sun-To-X 1st at the Mission Innovation event

On July 29th took place The Mission Innovation IC Event: Update on Project and Roadmaps, a free satellite event to the RSC International Solar Fuels Conference

During the event, presented by Dr. Philippe Schild (European Commission, Belgium), over 12 speakers introduced their projects like SUN2CHEM, Sunergy and roadmaps as part of Mission Innovation, a global initiative promoting research, development and demonstration to make clean energy affordable and accessible to all. A panel discussion chaired by Dr. Vincent Artero (CEA Grenoble, France) took place at the end of the event to answer the audience questions and go further into the subject.

Hannah Johnson, Sun-To-X’s coordinator, presented the project and its different steps to achieve the objective of converting solar energy into a non-toxic, energy dense, liquid fuel which can be used in the energy and heating sector.

She first reminded the different steps of the project as detailed in the infographic below:

And then the project approach:

  • Photoelectrochemical of Hydrogen production
  • Thermochemical conversion to HydroSil thanks to solar light and electricity
  • The recycling of waste plastics with the reductive polymerisation of waste plastics using HydroSil to hydrocarbon fuels

Sun-To-X is proud to collaborate with Mission Innovation through events like this one and to contribute in achieving its roadmap.

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