Objectives & expected impacts


The Sun-To-X project works towards a decarbonisation of the fuel chain.

We pursue a sustainable, green solution for chemical energy storage by converting solar energy into a non-toxic, energy dense, liquid fuel which can be used in the energy and heating sectors.

Our main objectives are:

  • Building efficient and stable solar conversion devices for a high energy product with long term stability
  • Demonstrating its functioning in the relevant environment
  • Scalability

Expected impacts

Mitigate climate change

By providing the zero emission Hydrosil fuel based on solar energy for use in a fuel cell vehicle, it will be possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to conventional powertrains.

Enhance energy security

It’s possible to produce the yearly EU energy demand through only solar energy. However to account for intermittency of sunlight and seasonal changes efficient chemical energy storage solutions need to be found. Although some countries get more sunlight than others, solar fuel production is possible in all EU countries.

Opportunities for economic development

Water is needed as an input in almost all solar fuel electrolysis processes, so it is limited to areas which can meet large liquid water supply. By using humidity instead, the technology can be expanded even to deserts.

Build a sustainable energy system

We will establish a stronger link between academia, industry and European collaborative initiatives.

Many of the Sun-to-X partners are involved in Sunergy, a European initiative committed to reducing CO2 emissions through use of renewables.

Achieve Mission Innovation aims

Three consortium members are representatives for Mission Innovation IC5, allowing for international collaboration in clean energy.

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