Take a look at the public deliverables of the Sun-To-X project.

  • D1.4 Demonstration of large area (100 cm2) prototype membrane photoanode assembly suitable for integration in the large area prototype device

For this deliverable we will prepare 5 prototype photoanode assemblies with a size of at least 100 cm2 per assembly.

  • D2.3 Membrane photocathode assembly suitable for gas-phase operation with performance suitable for integration into a tandem cell for 10% STH efficiency

This deliverable presents a set of 5 prototype photocathode assemblies with a size of at least 100 cm2 per assembly.

  • D3.4 Report on the performance evaluation of the prototype in realistic conditions
  • D3.5 Demonstration of prototype 100 cm2 PEM-PEC cell
  • D3.6 Guidelines generated from the validated multi-physics model of the PEC device

D3.4 summarises the relationship of photoelectrode surface area and performance of the most promising material combinations.
D3.5 presents the medium size upscaled PEM-DEC device that will be used as guide for the final upscaling step.
D3.6 summarises the conclusions of simulation to optimise the performance of the PEC device.

  • D4.4 Development of a catalytic system able to utilize HydroSil in the reduction of esters and carbonates
  • D4.5 Demonstration of the production of n-hexane by catalytic depolymerization of waste polycaprolactone using HydroSil

D4.4 presents the catalytic system developed in the project to reduce commonly used waste plastics to useful hydrocarbons.
D4.5 will demonstrate the production of a (hydrocarbon fuel) n-hexane by catalytic depolymerization of a waste plastic (polycaprolactone) using HydroSil.

  • D5.4 Report on preliminary tests

This work package focuses on developing a stable and safe prototype to demonstrate the expected performances of the Sun-To-X technology and the potential environmental and societal impact of it.

D5.4 reports on the preliminary tests carried out before the operation of the demonstrator to ensure that the engineering and safety requirements are met.

  • D6.1 Developed techno-economic model of the device
  • D6.6 Social factors hindering the market

These two deliverables aim to prepare the market launch of the Sun-To-x technology.

D6.1 focuses on the techno-economic investigation, the identification of applications of the technology and definition of the value proposition, the assessment of the demand, the value chain analysis and the building of a business case.
D6.6 identifies any issues that could hinder the implementation of the technology (this work will be carried out through a desk survey of communication to analyse expectations related to Sun-To-X, stakeholders interviews and local specificities investigation).

  • D7.3 Data Management Plan
  • D7.4 Intermediate Advisory Board Recommendations Report
  • D7.7 Final Advisory Board Recommendations Report

D7.3 contains guidelines to manage the data generated in the Sun-To-X project.
provides an overview of the Advisory Board recommendations after the first meeting of the Sun-To-X Advisory Board and the coordinator and plans actions to implement the feedback.
D7.7 summarises the Advisory Board recommendations after the second meeting and plans actions to implement the advice given.

D8.2 presents the visual identity (logo & templates) and the social media accounts of the project and explains the website structure and content.
D8.3 gives an overview of all the dissemination and communication activities carried out during the Sun-To-X project and measures their impact according to the key performance indicators defined at the beginning of the project.
D8.4 summarises the activities carried out with Mission Innovation IC5 (contributions to their roadmap, demonstration activities, synergies and interactions with other IC5 projects.

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